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1421 Dynamo Moscow Only One Team One of the most famous chants of fans of FC Dynamo. The song mentions the name of Lev Yashin - the legendary Soviet goalkeeper, who played for Dynamo in the years 1950-1970. Winner of the title of "Best goalkeeper of the 20th century", and the first and only goalkeeper who received the "Golden Ball" as the best footballer in Europe Плейлист
1534 Dynamo Moscow Glory, Dynamo Glory to us be Плейлист
1821 Dynamo Moscow Come On, Dynamo Moscow Classical song of fans of FC Dynamo Moscow. Perfect for ringtone Плейлист
1871 Dynamo Moscow Dynamo, Gol Classical chant of Moscow Dynamo in good quality. Makes a great ringtone Плейлист
2603 Dynamo Moscow The Greek Song A great chant in excellent quality. It would be the best ringtone for fans of the Moscow Dynamo Плейлист

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