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699 CSKA Moscow As Long As We're United Unofficial anthem of CSKA sung at the beginning of the first and second half of the match Плейлист
1014 Spartak Moscow God, Save The Spartak Classic of Muscovites Плейлист
1043 Zenit Saint Petersburg The City Over The Chainless Neva River This is a Zenit anthem. The fans wrote it more than 30 years ago and sing it at every game right after the kick-off Плейлист
1289 Anzhi Makhachkala Come on, Anzhi, and score! FC Anzhi is twice finalist of the Cup of Russia and bronze medalist of Russian Championships Плейлист
1303 CSKA Moscow CSKA Ole, Ole, Ole Simple chant of fans of CSKA. Easy to remember, easy to sing! Great for a ringtone for your mobile phone Плейлист
1752 CSKA Moscow We Are CSKA A simple and widely used chants CSKA in excellent quality. Perfect for ringtone Плейлист
2049 CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow Ole Ole Classic soccer chant by fans of CSKA Moscow, one of the most titled Russian football teams. This chant is perfect for the fan ringtone for your mobile phone Плейлист
2543 CSKA Moscow Go Forward Our Army Club One of the best CSKA chants! CSKA is originally the Russian Army football club – the abbreviation stands for “Central Sport Club of Army”. In this song fans call CSKA "Army club" Плейлист
3377 CSKA Moscow Come On, CSKA! Classic chant of CSKA. A great ringtone for CSKA fans Плейлист
3928 CSKA Moscow We Need A Goal CSKA fans chant in good quality. It calls on goal. It is rumored, this song really works Плейлист
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4026 CSKA Moscow Only One Club Awesome chant of fans of CSKA in excellent quality. The best choice for a ringtone Плейлист
4256 CSKA Moscow Moscow In May Based on a popular song of the Soviet times, composed in 1937. It was called “Moscow in May” Плейлист
4343 CSKA Moscow We Have Come Here To Win Very popular chant for away games; used by everyone, not only CSKA Плейлист
4777 CSKA Moscow It's Fun To Walk Together Through The Marshes Based on a children’s song of 1970s "It's Fun To Walk Together On The Expanses" Плейлист
5152 Anzhi Makhachkala Ale, Ale, Oh FC Anzhi Makhachkala was founded in 1991. The name of the club comes from the ancient name of the area where now stands the city of Makhachkala. The club plays in the Premier League Плейлист
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