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3404 Spartak Moscow We Are Spartak, And You Are Simple chants against any rivals of the team Плейлист
4579 Spartak Moscow In Petrovsky Park Chants against Dynamo, one of the main rivals of Spartak. Petrovsky Park is a district of Moscow, where the Dinamo Stadium is located Плейлист
6805 Zenit Saint Petersburg Grounds in the land Meaningful chant on the status of Russian stadiums, the Russian Football Union, the Control and Disciplinary Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, of course, another Russian team from Moscow Dinamo Плейлист
7186 CSKA Moscow Spartak A very simple and well-known chants against the team Spartak, one of the main rivals of CSKA Плейлист
8417 Spartak Moscow Abot Bystrov Having a go at Vladimir Bystrov who left Spartak for main rivals, Zenit (which is his native club though). Can be (and is!) applied to any and all with appropriate last name. Плейлист
8492 CSKA Moscow You Will Suck Aimed at the opposition, it's widely used around the country Плейлист
9504 Spartak Moscow You Are Scum Not too polite chant against any opponents of Spartak Плейлист
9569 Spartak Moscow Abramovitch Not the friendliest of ditties. Chants against Roman Abramovich, owner of English football club "Chelsea". Included in the list of world's richest people according to Forbes Плейлист
9579 CSKA Moscow 3 Goals In The Piggies' Net CSKA fans chant. "Pigs" - the informal name of "Spartak" given to team because the club was sponsored by the Meat Processing Plant Плейлист
9641 CSKA Moscow You Can Do Everything! This chant from CSKA fans cheers the team in the game against Spartak Moscow, one of the main rivals of CSKA Плейлист
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10376 Zenit Saint Petersburg Football For Fans Garbage is a nickname for the players and fans of the Russian club Dynamo Moscow. In the Soviet period, the team belonged to the Ministry of Interior. Russians call workers of MIA "garbage" Плейлист
12032 Lokomotiv Moscow Forward, Lokomotiv Moscow Sang at the Derby against Torpedo. "Black and white" is the informal name of Torpedo given the team by the fans because the colours of the form Плейлист
14775 Spartak Moscow Chelsea Chants against the English team "Chelsea", whose owner is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who lives in London Плейлист

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