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1939 Zenit Saint Petersburg Our City Forever Classical chant from fans from Petersburg in excellent quality. The best choice for a ringtone Плейлист
2018 Spartak Moscow Spartak, Come On Sang like roll call. Perfect for ringtone Плейлист
2136 Zenit Saint Petersburg Come On, for St Petersburg Simple chants in excellent quality. Ideal for ringtone Плейлист
2505 Lokomotiv Moscow We Want to Win Today Classical chant on the same motive as the famous "Just Loco" Плейлист
3030 Zenit Saint Petersburg Zenit Classic ringtone material Плейлист
3180 Lokomotiv Moscow Only Loko The good old chants that even children know, who never been to the football. Classic chant in excellent quality Плейлист
3213 Lokomotiv Moscow We’re Singing This for You Simple but good chant Плейлист
3498 Lokomotiv Moscow Your fans Will Always Sing for You Great song in good quality recording Плейлист
3501 Lokomotiv Moscow Locomotiv Goes Ahead Gorgeous chant from Lokomotiv fans. Excellent quality. Makes a cool ringtone for Loko supporters Плейлист
3799 CSKA Moscow CSKA Will Always Be the First Every child in Moscow knows - CSKA will always be the first! The legendary song will be the best ringtone for fans of CSKA Плейлист
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3845 Zenit Saint Petersburg Zenit Goal Ole Classical chant of Zenit in excellent quality. Perfect for ringtone Плейлист
3891 Zenit Saint Petersburg Indigo White Azure! Hey! Hey Really popular chant well-known everywhere around Russia Плейлист
4107 CSKA Moscow CSKA The well-known and simple chant of CSKA with claps. It performed almost every game of the team. Perfect ringtone for a CSKA fan Плейлист
4244 Spartak Moscow An Unknown Station Is Shining Chant is based on the famous Soviet song "Hope", created in 1971 by Nikolai Dobronravov and Aleksandra Pakhmutova Плейлист
4591 Zenit Saint Petersburg Zenit Petersburg Hey Good ringtone material for a Zenit fan Плейлист
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